Finally, Persistence wins !!

Im actually feeling quite good now.

Me and Rikard Jonsson have been struggling with our pike fishing the last couple of times.

Many lost pikes and I don´t know but something has always been missing. Bad MOJO!

Today we started the day and Rikard had done a new bait for me called 2tail.

Just at the beginning I lost a big one the first 5 minutes.

My feeling this time was never mind I will have one more chance to hook a big one..

But the first 2 hours after my first strike was Rikard fish 1,,,2,,,,3,,,,lost one,,,4..

And me ICE COLD!!

After a while we tried a new place and it didn’t took long before Rikard lost a really big one and his 2tail come back without a Svartzonker bigtail.. I laughed and took a cast and I felt something and also my TJ tail come back without a bigtail.. Whats even the chance for that? I don’t know but it will be impossible to do that again.. Rikard tried to change to a new bigtail and I took mine with a ordinary tail and cast out and this time I hooked.. I call that ninja piking.. And it was a big mamma.. First time in our boat in a while when we both just screamed and jumped when we landed her in the net.

BiG MaMa

110cm and 10,34kg

It was my 51th pike over one meter this season!

a couple of minutes after releasing big mama her little sister & number 52 visited my 2tail..

Insane but damn fun…

After that we caught many pikes.. But nothing big just before we should head home we tried a new spot and after 6-7minutes Rikard caught a beauty.


One of the best pike days this year with alot of 80 and 90 fish and our 5 best pikes measured 512cm.

If you want the story in Swedish you can find it HERE