I went to Rügen for the last five days with Daniel and Markus. And we also had Björn Boström & Nicklas Aronsson in another car with us. I had been waiting for this trip for several months so i where quite excited. The fishing had been a bit difficult but they had some big ones up the week before.

When we arrived there was something wrong with the booking of our hotel/apartment. So I called up the Bodden angeln and Robert Balkow helped us to arrange a real sweet accommodation LAND KOGGE. Can really say this was the best service I’ve had on my 3 trips to Rügen.

landkogge1 landkogge2

First day we prepared what to have in the lure boxes for day 1.


After a really fun and inspiring first evening doing stingers and preparing jig heads we went to bed really excited for the next day.

When we arrived at the harbor we met our guide Christian Seebeck



The weather was awful but it was our first real big day to test our new Leech Gear. It was windy & alot of rain the whole day. It was our first day and it was not the action we hoped for. Markus 2 pike Daniel 0 pike Alex 1 pike.



The problem that I had was loosing 6 strikes that day and that was not good.

Day 2 we started at 7 a clock a hour earlier cause we wanted to spend as much time on the water as possible.

Like the first day the we didn’t find alot of hungry pikes and but right in the end Daniel caught a better fish on Wille by TJ BAITS 106cm.



Day 3 started and it didn’t go 10 minutes when my first strike Smashed a shallow screwed ”Wille jig” from Tobias Jackteus aka TJ BAITS at 4,2 meters measuring 104cm .

Rügen2 Rügen1

Day 4 was the worst day down here. I manage to caught 4 fishes in the boat but Markus and the guide didn’t catch anything.  What about Daniel? He stayed at Land Kogge and rested for one day he had a headache and a bad back.

He went to the massage instead. Really good day to do that.

This day Björn caught a nice fish on 110 cm on a new Prototype.

Björn Boström IMG_8679

Day 5. We told Christian that if we caught one over 110 we would give him a leech outfit. I have told everybody this would be the day we had the biggest possibility to catch a big Mama pike due to weather & wind changes.  The day started good I just missed one 110 right beside the boat. And after that I saw one of the biggest pikes I’ve ever seen. possibly 120+ 14+kg.. She just swam in to my bait and I felt a little tick did the counter strike but no pike and then she came right beside the boat. Hell what a fish.. That was crazy.. Two lost big fishes in 10 minutes. I had to sat down and take a smoke. There was the fish we came down here for. and she just swam away. now everything started to hurt. My back, feet and shoulder where not feeling good. We did go and made another drift on that area and just where I saw BIG MAMA I had a tick and this time I hooked her. She felt very heavy and then she started to shake and I thought It was the big from before but no it was another fat lady just 101cm but really fat.

Big Mcrubber did the work for me this time


After we got some pikes in the boat for a change we didn’t feel any big ones. at 12 a clock Markus said that my Big mcrubber blupearl without the red dot where more effective. So he startet to cut of the red on the mcrubber he had. and threw it out and bang he got a fish on it and smiled. After this the fishing started to be slow again and we didn´t feel anything for a while Daniel went for his Fox pro shad midnight shiner and took the knife and cut of the red and said Rügen pikes don’t like red. We laughed at him when he started to carve.


When he was done he stood up and took his first cast.

And something striked his carved midnight shiner.

Me and the guide saw that it was a better fish but how good.

The guide prepared the net when Markus said to Daniel to use his reel and don’t give the fish any slackline.

I saw the fish and it was the same size like the one I’ve missed 4 hours earlier 200 meters away.

The fish did an attempt to run and swam under the boat when Christian the guide went for Daniels Line because it started to carve on the side of the boat and pushed out the line when Markus and me yelled for Daniel to follow the fish with the rod. The fish came up and Christian did a beautiful netting and the fish where up.

IMG_8700 IMG_8701

We started to shout on the boat like a couple of kids on christmas.

IMG_8705 IMG_8704

Meassuring the fish for 120cm and 14,52 kg it was Daniels 5th pike ever caught. It means one on 8,7kg and one on 8,5 and this one on 14,52kg. HAHAHAHAHA thats a good start.

This is why people go to Rügen!!

IMG_8711IMG_8727    IMG_8737 IMG_8734




Thanks Christian for the guiding was really fun.. See you soon again We will send you down the tactical Offshore clothes to you.



If anybody else Wonder where you can find BIG PIKE HOODIES AND TACTICAL CLOTHES go to LEECHSTORE.COM

Bait that worked for us! FOX PRO SHAD, BIGMCRUBBER, SÖDER JIGGEN, JIGGEN & Wille


Ofcourse Polorized LEECHEYEWEAR so you can se the followers easier!! A MUST HAVE!!