Out fishing with the Family!

For 12 years I have been trying to get my soon to be wife out fishing with me.

It was a fabulous day with a lot of sun and no wind.. Perfect pike weather :-).

Although my biggest landed pikes did came from those conditions.


Of course the dogs came along.!!



The best thing about this trip where that I just relaxed on the boat.

Where along time ago I just relaxed.


Have to thank my good friend Björn Boström for letting me loan his Tracker.

It’s a really nice boat.

The goal was to get my not interested better half to find some fish.

And It didn’t  take long time before I had my first strike..


The size where huge 🙂


My god really huge! And the pike inhaled a shad from Skinnet Lures.


With a good ”Robbo” Frontal Photo Deluxe!

Everything works 🙂 atleast 120cm hahaha


After a while my girlfriend lost a pike and she thought this fishing sucked big time.



So she played with our puppy  instead.



A couple of nice hours with the boat and now it was time to go home.



On Thursday I’m going out again.


And then hopefully I will land the lady of my dreams.