King of Mälaren!

Me and Björn met each other att kallhäll at 6:45 in the morning.

After the boat went in the water we started our way to Sigtuna!

Well there we listen to Jens for the instructions.


Our strategi for this competition was to go far away with the boat and fish shallow waters.


Its started good after 10 minutes I hooked my first. 104cm check..

IMG_7678        IMG_7676


Then we started to come in contact with more fish. but only 60-70cm pikes.

After 1,5 hours I wanted to try a new spot and after 3 casts I hooked a nice one. 100cm



The time where only 11,30 when I got a new strike. Boom it was a really hard take and I felt right away that it was a good fish.

And it was a real beauty only 96cm but holy cow what a fatty.

IMG_7706     IMG_7705

Now the time went on and we caught some smaller pikes again around 60-70cm.

Then a monster pike took my bait right beside the boat. It was one really large pike but I missed her.

at least 110++cm.  But thats what fishing is all about.

When the time where around 13:30 we had 2 hours left fishing on that spot I hooked my 4th better fish.94cm


We knew that we had a really nice result now but only if we could have one more over 90.

And when we just talked about that in the boat Björn got a strike.

92cm and now we knew we where at the top.


We fished after a 106cm to reach 5m the last 1,5 hours but got alot of pikes between now 70-85cm.

when we had 45 mins left we started the boat and set of to the harbor.

Now it was just a wait. Had a feeling that we would win the competition.
And after some time we got the result. Team LEECH / JIGGAR.NU won at 486cm 🙂


I want to thank Björn Boström for making the ”jig” Because all our top fishes where caught on it!

And of course my Leech glasses for seeing some followers on some spots that we  stayed on and caught fish.